Assistance Dog ownership
Family training at Millpool Farm

DAY 1 


Working with an Assistance Dog – learn how to ‘command’

What you dog will do for you/your child

Understanding your objectives

Meet your dog

The 3 P's


Advanced training programme planning including sensory diet therapy games



How to communicate with your dog including demonstration of skills learned so far

Training you to handle your Assistance Dog

Demonstrations and role play

Participation - your turn to try!

Outside work and walking

Access to public places



How to care for your dog – lifestyle tips

Fleas, nails, eyes, diseases

Coat hygiene and care

When to visit your vet

Administering CPR on your dog


How to understand your dog – learn how your dog behaves and what to do when things go wrong

Living happily with your dog

6 week aftercare programme

Insuring your dog

Grooming, health and feeding – instruction on cleaning, wellbeing and nutrition







Meet the family Psychotherapy Session

History and goals

Lifestyle and challenges

Ideas and suggestions

Bonding with your dog

Sensory game play

Feeding and sleeping

Exercise and play

Maintaining a close relationship