School Therapy Dog Programme

School Therapy Dogs

School Therapy Dogs can help to improve development of literacy in children with learning difficulties or that are on the spectrum. The presence of a trained School Therapy Dog can help to develop confidence, engagement, motivation and general enjoyment during learning at school.

School Therapy Dogs must meet the following minimum requirements:


  • At least 15 months old

  • Fit and healthy/vaccinations up to date

  • Good with people of all ages

  • Walks well on a loose lead

  • Highly socialised

  • Does not react badly to other dogs

  • Does not react badly to distraction or noise

  • Does not snatch at food from a hand

  • Loves to be touched and cuddled

  • Likes to be groomed and cleaned

  • Excellent toilet control

  • Patient and can sit and wait quietly for long periods

  • Temperment assessed/approved by a qualified Canine behaviourist

  • Good level of basic and relevant advanced training

Use of a Therapy Dog can enable a child/young adult to become less stressed, less self-conscious and more confident. School Therapy Dogs provide great comfort, encourage positive social behaviours, enhanced self-esteem, assist with general development and inspire young people to have fun!

Children/young people who spend time with dogs can learn what it feels like to have a living creature rely on them and that teaches them responsibility. Caring for a dog creates a sense of empathy and a respect for life. It teaches commitment and consistency, and it builds self-confidence.

A dog does not judge a person and their boundless gratitude, shown by a wagging tail, helps to build self-esteem.

School Therapy Dog Training Programme

Our School Therapy Dog Training Programme provides expert and experienced training for the dog and teacher/s. (References from schools can be made available upon requests).


The School Therpay Dog Programme is completed in 2 phases.

(NB you will be required to practise all techniques between sessions in order for the training to be successful)

Phase 1
Socialisation and Basic training from 3-10 months
14 x Bi-weekly 1 hour sessions @ £50
Skills covered:
Socialising with other Dogs and People, Good Behaviour in new Environments, House training, Sit, Stay, Loose Lead, Lie Down, Recall, Off, Grooming, Away, Off, In, Out, OK

Phase 2
Advanced training from 10-15 months
8 x weekly 1 hour sessions @ £50 (includes minimum of 2 x sessions at your school)
Skills covered:
Blind Retrieve, Paw, High Five, Close, Cuddle, Settle, Wait, Heel no Lead, Stop, Find it, Fetch it, Leave, No, Up



Phase 1 (14 x £50) = £700
Phase 2 ( 8 x £50) = £400

Total School Therapy Dog training programme £1100