Autism Assistance Dog Programme

Autism Dogs CIC provides a fully managed Assistance Dog Programme with professionally assessed dog that is trained to perform a range of practical tasks that mitigate the challenges of ASD. Expert training and on-going support is also given to the handler and primary carers.


The programme is delivered in 6 phases, effectively managed and at all times monitored. The programme can take 6 months depending on availability of the Dogs and the Trainers. Our Advanced Training includes a bespoke set of skills taught to each dog that are tailored to suit the handlers specific needs. 

IMPORTANT: To enrol on our Programme the handler must have an official diagnosis or be registered as disabled.

There are many ways in which an Assistance Dog can be trained to help a person with disabilities. Just a few of those tasks are noted below:


  • Anti-bolting anchor skills

  • Distraction from meltdown and severe anxiety

  • Response to hand signal's for none verbal handlers

  • Pull off body items of clothing

  • Retrieve objects (like keys or phone), from the floor or surfaces 

  • Turn on/off light switches

  • Blind retrieve named objects from adjoining rooms

  • Take clothing out of draws or washing machines

  • Pass bottled drinks or medication

  • Help pull up out of chair

  • Find and fetch own lead

  • Alert handler to specific timings (e.g. time to take medication)


Cost of full Assistance Dog Training Programme Under review (includes dog)

At Home Training Programme

Opportunity for your dog to become fully qualified by Autism Dogs CIC.

Public Access Training Programme

We provide a Public Access Training Programme that teaches the dog a number of helpful protocols and standards when working in public places.


Our Programme provides the AD team an opportunity to improve their knowledge and performance levels when out in a public place.

Our Public Access Training Programme is provided under expert supervision by our own Head Trainer Andrew Preston who is the 1st Male (2nd Person) in the UK to achieve the Kennel Clubs Accredited Instructor (KCAI) Status in Assistance Dogs, see > 

We provide 6 half day sessions which includes handler training and harness.

Our Public Access Training Programme covers:

  • Enter/exit vehicle protocols

  • Crossing car parks

  • Remaining focused and avoid being distracted

  • Road safety

  • Risk management and journey planning

  • Entering and leaving a store

  • Navigating a store

  • Behaviour at till side or in queues

  • Obedience required in restaurants

  • Correct response in the event of an emergency

  • Toilet control

Cost of Public Access Training Programme £750 plus travel expenses

Task Specific Advanced Training Programme            

An Assistance Dog can be taught to perform a number of practical tasks under expert training and with sufficient practise. It can take over 150 hours to fully train an Assistance Dog.

Our Task Specific Advanced Training Programme is suitable only for dogs and handlers that have already acquired a high level of obedience training and that require their dog to learn a range of specific practical tasks.

We provide 12 weeks of expert training that teaches your dog 10 practical skills (residential option available). Handler training included.

The practical tasks we train fall into a range of categories. They are:

  • Tug ropes to pull objects (e.g. doors and draws)

  • Target training to identify specific items (e.g. light switch or button on wall)

  • Blind retrieve of an object (e.g. seek and fetch keys or a phone from a separate room)

  • Holding objects in mouth for long periods (e.g. shopping baskets or bottled water)

  • Transference of objects on command (e.g. clothing in or out of a tumble dryer)

  • Grip and pull (e.g. pull sock or jacket off body)

  • Alert training (e.g. respond to noise to remind handler to take medication or get out of bed

Cost of Task Specific Advanced Training Programme (Residential) £2,400(None Residential) £1,800 plus expenses.