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Autism Dogs CIC. Millpool Farm,

Wards Lane, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 3LN

Tel: 01260 278 416 Mob: 07340 273 552 



Autism Dogs - Assistance Dogs - Therapy Dogs - Service Dogs - Aspergers Dogs 

Assistance Dogs International - Assistance Dogs Uk - ADI - ADUK - Autism Assistance Dog

Autism Dog - Autism Dogs - Aspergers Dog - Aspergers Dogs - Assistance Dogs UK

Therapy Animals - Steady Paws - Andrew Preston - Congleton - Cheshire - Assistance Dog

Ruth & 'Ryder'

"I would never have been able to predict the AMAZING effect that Ryder has had on all aspects of my life and certainly didn't expect us to form such a bond. We truly are the very, very, very best of friends and love each other unconditionally"