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Steady Paws offers a Complete Canine Opportunity for Dog Lovers & was founded by Andrew Preston, Kennel Club Assured Breeder,  Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, Canine Behaviourist, Canine Communicator, Animal Welfare Advocate, Micro-chipper, Fosterer and Re-Homer.


Andrew was awarded the Crufts Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Trainer of the Year Award 2019/2020 back in March 2020 at Crufts NEC in Birmingham. He is also the Co Founder and Director of Autism Dogs Charity, formerly a CiC and is 5 Star licensed to keep a Dog Breeding Facility through Cheshire East Council, Licence No CE/DB12/311224 under the Name Andrew Preston, Autism Dogs Charity

He puts Dogs before humans.

Andrew is one of the most competent, logical yet inspirational, out of the box dog trainers, breeders and above all has a genuine passion about all animal welfare especially dogs. He is a bit of a Dr Doolittle if you like!

Andrew has worked for over 20

years with dogs, developing

his own techniques that have

been perfected through

interaction, kindness and

understanding to improve the

lives of hundreds of dogs that

have needed a little help along

the way.

He has a simple philosophy

that evolves to seeing a few

more smiles each and every

day on the way to happiness


Danielle Burgess recommends Andrew Preston of Steady Paws..

"Highly recommend Andy. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dogs and a lovely person too. He has worked wonders with my rescue collie and we have had an amazing Springer spaniel from him. Any queries and he's always willing to help. Can't praise him enough"

Andrew Preston of Steady Paws is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.

This means when buying one of our puppies you are assured:

* Breeds specific health screening
* Best breeding stock only are chosen and always bred for the right reasons
* Priority is given to breeding for good temperament as well as good health.
* Improved genetic diversity
* Vet checked and vaccinated
* Impeccably socialised
* Health and advise beyond the point of sale
* LIFETIME back to base policy

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