Rescue, Foster and Re-Homing

Working closely with the local Vets and Troubled unfortunate Owners, Steady Paws has provided safe shelter to a number of rescued dogs.

When the dogs arrive with us they are often scared and confused. They may carry bad memories that cause unwanted and disruptive behaviour. We modify that through kindness and pack rehabilitation.

They may be in poor physical and emotional health.

The team at Steady Paws provide the correct medical attention through Charter Vets; provide a balanced diet, care and concern to rehabilitate rescue animals of all breeds and all ages.

We ensure that a dog is given a chance to find a new family to love and care for them with our support.

Alicia Hawkins recommends Steady Paws


"Amazing people and dogs. Absolutely loved working for Andy for many years! He is a true expert in his field providing an excellent environment for his dogs and the dogs he fosters and re-homes"

Opposite: Our beloved baby boy D'artanyan, an Alaskan Malamute, was a rescued dog who is now part of our therapy and rehabilitation programme.

Sam’s journey
The heart-warming tail of a rescue dog

Sam is a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel that has had a pretty rough time. Since being a young Dog we suspect he has suffered some form of physical abuse and neglect from his previous human carers/owners and had grown into a confused, angry, lonely and scared adult that no-one wanted to keep because of his biting.
After several unhappy months Sam arrived at a Rescue Charity, the NWESSR. The charity approached a number... of trainers and canine behaviourists to assist them but were either unable to rectify the behaviours or "too busy at the moment"!!. Some said he was beyond help and there was no hope.
After months of having to live alone in Kennels Sam’s time was running out.
That was until the day the charity called Andrew at Steady Paws. He agreed to work with Sam when no-one else would take on the challenge. For weeks only Andrew could handle him efficiently as he worked hard at the challenge of gaining Sam’s trust, understanding, his needs and retraining his mind set to learn how to ‘be loved and to love’.
After weeks of one to one training this once desperate and aggressive soul had changed so much that the remainder of the Steady Paws team were allowed to interact and work with Sam too. Continued love, support and understanding for 4 months helped Sam to totally change. Today he shows more happiness, trust, confidence and kindness and is a beautiful happy dog.
On Sat 22nd Oct Sam left Steady Paws to start a new life with his new family. The amazing Nick and Emma Barlow collected our pride and joy to go and start a new life with them and their other 2 dogs.
As a team we are hugely proud of Sam and his hard work to forget his past filled with fear and to embrace a happy life and open him to love and to finally feel a sense of belonging.
From Andrew and his team "we wish Sam, Emma and Nick (and their 2 other dogs), all the happiness in the world and thank them for taking on a soul that was once so tortured and is now optimistic and embracing life".
Andrew says " It is never too late to understand and change a dog’s behaviour. It just takes Patience, Perseverance and Positive Rewards, the 3 P's as we call it. Everyone and every dog deserves another chance, they deserve love and a happy life particularly when a human caused the problems.
Dont discard, just work hard ! If you have a problem Dog that needs some help then get in touch with us today at Steady Paws and let us see if we can help another 4 legged friend.
Dog Bless you all".