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Since 2016 it is the law that all dogs have a micro-chip inserted under their skin as a permanent mark of their identification.

The chip has a one off bespoke serial number that belongs only to that dog and ultimately the dog’s owner.

The chip details can be read at any time by using a specialists recording scanner. This will confirm the unique serial number so that any 1 dog and its owner can be confirmed in minutes.

The impact of micro-chipping in the last 2 years has resulted in many dogs being re-united with owners and many stolen dogs being identified and reunited.

It is now a critical way to keep our beloved friends safe and in our lives, away from those that mean to exploit them or do not know where they live. We all love our dogs and our dogs love us. Use the benefits of a micro-chip to keep you together.

A micro-chip must be inserted by a fully licensed practitioner. Andrew Preston & Tate Preston of Steady Paws are qualified microchip technicians through Petlog.



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