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Doggy Get Together - held on the last Sunday of every odd month. Jan - Mar - May - July - Sep - Nov  

FAB AND FUN get together for our four legged friends and their owner families and friends!!

COME ALONG as ALL ARE WELCOME and its totally FREE - just turn up on the day :-)

Its a great chance to swap your doggy stories, ask questions about behaviour and gain top training tips. It's also an amazing afternoon for getting some really brilliant photos of your dogs having the time of their lives making lots of new friends whilst seeing old friends!!

It is important to remember to adhere to this Venues Rules and Regulations about Dogs which are;

"Dog owners are very welcome. The site offers plenty of opportunities for you to exercise your dog (and yourself!) all year round. To make sure your visit is safe and that others may enjoy activities we ask that all dog walkers adhere to the site ’s Code of Conduct:
Prevent your dog from fouling. If your dog does foul pick it up and either use one of the dog bins on site or take it home.
Keep your dog under close control. This means that your dog should either be on a lead or if off lead then within your sight and immediately responsive to your return command.
Ensure that your dog does not interfere with other users of the site, in particular children who could be intimidated by your dog.
Obey all signage even if it might restrict your access, especially where you are asked to put your dog on a lead or are asked to prevent your dog entering certain parts of the venue.
Be respectful of the site and do not cause undue disturbance to wildlife".

Report any problems or difficulties to myself or any Rangers that may be present.

Thank You and don't forget your doggy poop bags !! :-)


"Dog socialisation is one of the most important activities and best things you can do for your dog even as a puppy. They learn so much from  one another even as early as 8 weeks old. Dogs are the best teachers from one another for good behaviour (and sometimes bad) and how to get along well when in a controlled environment of free flowing and free running activities. The Doggy Get Together is one of my most favourite days in the calendar, every last Sunday of each odd month from 2pm until 4pm at Astbury Mere in Congleton, Cheshire.

I love to see many of my existing customers and meet with new potential owner's that are all looking to enjoy a loving and fun life with their dog.

I encourage anyone that has a dog, or is even thinking about a dog to attend. I am happy to provide tips on any canine subject: breeding, behaviour  training, Therapy Dogs, Grooming, exercise and nutrition". Dog Bless and Steady Paws, Andrew Preston.

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