Durable cages for use in cars and at home, providing safety and protection. Double Door of high quality with two doors and two latches per door. It is coated with rust resistant black epoxy and has a lipped Strong and Rigid removable hygienic antic chew metal tray at the base.

This crate has both front and side doors, making it easy to access and clean and can also be folded down for easy storage. The Dog Crate is also a useful training tool for owners of dogs of any age and is ideal for house training, travel, prevention of and assistance in resolving behaviour issues.

Small:               62x44x50cm        £39.31         
Medium:          76x48x54cm         £49.72      
Large:              92x57x64cm         £64.16        
X-Large:          107x71x77cm         £79.62      
XX-Large:       123x77x83cm        £94.11


Available in a range of colours from          £ 10.00