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Credit is not given and all products and services should be paid for either in advance or on the day of Service.

All goods remain the property of Steady Paws until paid for in full.

Behavioural Issues 1 to 1 sessions with the DogMaster Andrew Preston

£ 60.00 an hour -pre pay for 5 sessions and get 6th free

Designed for Dogs with inappropriate or negative behaviours that are causing nuisance to both owner and/or the public or other dogs/animals. Aggressive Dogs a Speciality, in the meantime "Muzzle" when needed and please, please get in touch for the Safety of others !! 

Basic Training 1 to 1 sessions with the Dog Master Andrew Preston

£ 60.00 an hour - pre pay for 5 sessions and get 6th free

Designed for Dogs with no or very little basic Obedience. Starting off with the basics can lead to a solid foundation moving forward with your 4 legged friend. A well Trained Dog is often the most Happy Dog !!

Group Socialisation Training

£ 10 per dog

This is designed for any Dog that needs a little more Socialisation. The Power of the Pack is a wonderful thing and when combined with my own Dogs it assists the overall disposition of the dog. This is available most Saturday mornings come Rain or Shine (indoor facilities also available) from 10.15am for an hour. Limited to 10 customer dogs. £10 per Dog. 

Please Note to attend any of the Socialisation Classes the Dog and Owner must have attended a 1 to 1 Training Session beforehand. 


Important Notice: (Whilst every care will be taken owners are responsible for their own dog. Only the owner will know whether their dog needs a muzzle if so please bring a suitable muzzle to every class. Our aim is to keep every dog and handler safe. We do not accept responsibility for injury or accident caused by or to individual dogs)

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