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Therapy Dogs 


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As one of the best natural hands on Trainers & Behavioural Specialists Andrew Preston through Steady Paws is engaged in the training and procurement for dogs that are used in Therapy with Autistic children and other neuro/physical conditions.


Caroline Preston is a qualified member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching IANLPC.

Steady Paws works with Kelly Rogerson of Think Out Loud (Psychotherapy Practice), CAMHS Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.


Steady Paws adhere to the SCAS Animal-Assisted Interventions: Code of Practice for the UK.

Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) and Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) using a ‘Therapy dog’ can provide great comfort, improve confidence, increase independence and even enhance the ability to socially interact.

Though a Therapy Dog is not a treatment the benefits of ownership or presence are greatly assistive and often significant.

For many years Therapy Dogs have been used to assist in therapy. The presence of a dog will promote an improved sense of confidence, participation and willingness to engage.

Steady Paws provides a Holistic Specialist Programme to a carefully chosen dog with a range of beneficial behavioural skills suitable for the circumstances that arise in the life of a child on the autistic spectrum. The programme is delivered in 6 phases, effectively managed and at all times monitored.

Within our Holistic Programme there are also a number of recommended games for you and your child to play with the Therapy Dog. These games can promote improvement in cognitive processing, neurology, communication, executive functioning and attention deficit.

Kelly Rogerson - Psychotherapist recommends the Steady Paws Therapy Dog team training and programmes

"They are visibly committed to offering an authentic service"

Some of the many dogs bred and or part/fully trained by Andrew at Steady Paws are now providing emotional and practical therapy to a large number of children across the UK.


Featured above are Steady Paws Therapy Dogs Hero, Rufus (owned by Amanda), Tammy and below are  Chester with Amy, Breeze, Daisy, Ryder, Milo & Sampson who is currently placed in the R1 Priory Hospital.

To the right: Oliver is on the autistic spectrum. His Therapy Dog Bubba will be trained to provide emotional and practical support.

Bubba was bred at Steady Paws and his training programme will continue over a 15 month period before completion.

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