Developed by Leading Pet Nutritionists AACHUA represents the finest dry dog food on the market.


Natural, Complete & Balanced.


Grain Free, Meat Rich, Hypoallergenic, Sensitive & Veterinary Approved Dog Food

The AACHUA brand is a premium nutrition dry complete balanced food that can have warm water applied to allow the moisture to wet down the biscuits thus reducing bloat by 60% and replicating a more ancestral high moisture diet that dogs find more palatable and digestible.

For best results feeding is recommended 30 minutes after the warm water is applied.

Pricing starts at

£ 12 for a small 2kg bag

(will typically last a 3 month old puppy 1 to 2 weeks depending on breed)


£ 45 for a large 12 kg bag

(will typically last a 3 month + old puppy 6 to 8 weeks depending on breed)


£ 55 for an extra large 15kg bag 

 (will typically last a 3 month + old puppy 10 to 12 weeks depending on breed)

Elaine Revans recommends AACHUA dog food and Andrew Preston at Steady Paws...

"If I ever have any questions or concerns about my two dogs, Andy is always my first point of contact. He knows everything and anything about dogs and his advice is always very helpful and straight forward. He provides a great quality dog food which is reasonably priced and our dogs thoroughly enjoy. I have no idea where we (as new dogs owners) would be without the help and support of Andy & Caroline at Steady Paws"

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