Training and learning how to properly understand your dog is always the best way for you to live a really happy life together, it’s a Relationship not a Dictatorship. Steady Paws can provide all training needs for any dog, any age, any breed or one that demonstrates any unwanted behaviour particularly aggression.

Nothing is impossible when you are willing to commit to Patience, Perseverance and Positive reward. Training can start very early, as early as 8 weeks when pups start the imprinting. Training your dog from an early age will allow them to grow into an obedient and loving adult that works well with you and lives harmoniously in your home rather than up scaling to a Problem Dog.

Advanced Training and Behavioural Modification  is provided by Andrew Preston or one of his Team depending on issue and skillset.

Types of training we cover -

  • Puppy Basics and Socialisation

  • Recall & Lead work

  • Aggression and Behavioural Modification

  • Gun Dog & Whistle Training

  • Assistance & Therapy Dogs

Andrea Shelbhemi recommends Andrew as a trainer


"More importantly our boys Shelby and Hemi love him......he is a wonderful trainer and is clearly devoted to all dogs in his care! A true professional who has restored our faith since we were ripped off by another so called training expert! Our youngest Hemi has behavioural issues which we are working on with Andy....we have some way to go yet but he truly understands his needs and anxieties....Shelby loves going see his Uncle Andy and gets excited when he hears his name and goes in without any hesitation.....we cannot thank him enough for the time, effort, care, understanding and patience he is showing our two......we cannot speak highly enough of him and his team......"

The 1st 16 weeks of your puppy's life is vital to lifelong imprinting and learning how the world works.

Steady Paws puppy training include socialisation, basic behaviour, toileting, walking to heel, recall, nipping, biting and jumping up.